Android Parental Controls

Parents can log in to the OurPact Web App to manage any Android smartphone or tablet.

OurPact Parental Controls for Android

The OurPact Web App allows parents to log in from any browser—on Android smartphones, Android tablets, and personal computers—to manage their family’s screen time. This complete Android parental control solution allows parents to manage any iOS or Android device from one, easy-to-use dashboard. Whether you are looking to enforce bedtime or block social media until homework is finished, we have the solution to your daily arguments and hassles.


For children on Android devices, parents must download OurPact Jr. to manage their device. OurPact Jr. is only for Android child devices and functions as the app and internet blocker. It does not function as a parent dashboard.



OurPact is a free way to start managing the latest Samsung, Nexus, HTC, and LG phones. Activate your Android parental control Family Dashboard today.