OurPact Parental Controls for iPads

If you own one Apple device, chances are you own several. We have created OurPact with the understanding that families have multiple mobile devices and want a reliable way to manage them. OurPact is the leading solution for parents and families of all sizes looking for iPhone and iPad parental controls.

OurPact is designed to work with all of your family’s Apple products. Start using iPhone and iPad parental controls within minutes so you can effectively block access to your child’s iOS devices. Use your personal or family iPad to block apps, schedule screen time, tack lost devices and set individual boundaries for each child.

Limit Screen Time on iPads

OurPact is a great, free alternative to other parental control apps. Our comprehensive internet blocker and app blocker works instantly, allowing you to block device access whether children are inside or outside of the home. We block Safari and all other web browsers, as well as the most popular (and time wasting!) applications. OurPact’s family locator is an easy way to ensure your kids are safe, by setting instant location alerts for when they arrive/leave Places.

OurPact Premium provides you with full access to our service. Parents can now manage up to ten devices and set as many schedules as they wish. Your family has many devices, so we understand it’s important for you to manage screen time as you see fit. Whether a device is used by one child or shared between several, OurPact is the solution for you.