Best Smartphone & Tablet Monitoring App for Parents

Protect Your Kids with Real-Time Monitoring.

The best parental control app to monitor your child’s smartphone and tablet. With flexible app blocking, real-time monitoring, and customizable screen time limits, OurPact ensures a safe and balanced digital experience. The family locator feature provides peace of mind with real-time location tracking. Award-winning and user-friendly, OurPact is the best choice for keeping your family safe and connected.

All-in-one Apple & Android Parental Control App for Families

iPhone OurPact Schedules
OurPact Family Locator History for Androids
iPhone OurPact App Rules
OurPact View for Android

Control at Your Fingertips

Gain unmatched control over your child’s smartphone and tablet use with features like:

• Schedule-Based App Rules: Set specific times for app usage.

• Screen Time Allowance: Allocate daily screen time.

• App Permissions: Schedules specific apps throughout the day.

• Customizable Device Settings: Disable adult content, add websites to your "block website" list, limit ad tracking on your child's device, and more.

Know Your Child's Whereabouts

Ensure your kids' safety with OurPact’s family locator feature:

• Real-Time Location Tracking: Know where your child is at any moment.

• Geofenced Places: Receive alerts when they enter or leave designated areas.

• Breadcrumbs: See your child's routes and where they've been throughout the day, and previous days.

Manage Your Child’s Apps with Ease

Control which apps your kids can access with flexible management options:

• Block by Schedule: Control app access based on times and days.

• Always Blocked: Block specific apps from your child's iPhone.

• Always Allowed: Keep important apps always available.

• Real-Time Updates: Get notified when new apps are downloaded.

Promote Healthy Digital Habits

Set daily screen time limits and stay informed with real-time screenshots:

• Daily Screen Time Limits: Allocate specific amounts of screen time per day.

• Real-Time Screenshots: Get instant screenshots of iPhone activities.

• Flag Inappropriate Content: OCR technology flags and categorizes inappropriate content.

What Parents Says


It works – My son has autism and I also split time with his dad- so we wanted a way for him to have a phone and be able to communicate with us at any time, but also didn’t want the phone to be a distraction at school. We also wanted to have control over the apps that he had access to, especially the internet. That was 6 years ago- and we’ve been using Ourpact ever since. His younger sister also has it on her phone now. I didn’t have any issues downloading the apps or upgrading.


Great app and easy to use! – I’ve been using this app since 2016, and it is super easy to control child’s device, when my child need extra time, I can also super easy to entered the time restriction. Highly recommended!


Brilliant! – Screen time for iPad has been so finicky for our family and changes don’t always sync. I had tried other app but this app solved our problems and has no issues syncing to the setting on my phone. I can turn off all apps when a child isn’t listening and I no longer have to go chasing up iPads thanks to the time limit. Thank you for all the work that’s gone into this.

Choose the Plan That’s Right for Your Family:


$6.99 monthly


$69.99 annually

(12 months at $5.83/mo.)

  • Unlimited Schedules
  • Screen Time Allowance
  • Unlimited Blocks & Grants
  • App Rules
  • App Alerts
  • Family Locator
  • Block & Allow Websites
  • Block Texting
  • Manage up to 20 devices

$9.99 monthly


$99.99 annually

(12 months at $8.33/mo.)

  • Periodic Screenshot View
  • View on Demand
  • View Gallery
  • View Categories
  • Unlimited Schedules
  • Customizable App Schedules
  • Screen Time Allowance
  • Unlimited Blocks & Grants
  • App Rules
  • App Alerts
  • Family Locator
  • Block & Allow Websites
  • Block Texting
  • Manage up to 20 devices