OurPact Family Locator

Simplicity & Peace of Mind for Your Family

Locate your Family At-a-Touch

OurPact’s Family Locator is the solution your family has been waiting for.


Imagine being able to save time and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing where your children are, nag-free. It’s possible – and the solution is right at your fingertips.


Introducing OurPact’s Family Locator: a brand new OurPact Premium feature allowing you to locate your children at any time, and from anywhere.



OurPact’s Family Locator brings an end to:

  • Back-and-forth texts and calls coordinating pickups.
  • Worrying about your children’s safety and whereabouts.
  • Frantic searches for lost devices (usually shoved under a sofa pillow!)
  • Nagging your children to see if they’ve arrived safely at their destination.


OurPact’s isn’t your average family tracker solution.


In addition to giving you peace of mind with our simple child locator, you can also manage screen habits through individual internet and application blocking, screen time allowances, device schedules, and at-a-touch management.


Say hello to modern parenting!


iPhone Locator

OurPact’s iPhone locator solution allows you to monitor your children’s iOS devices without Find My iPhone on your children’s iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones in seconds. With OurPact’s iPhone tracker, you have the peace of mind you need to protect your most precious valuables (and we don’t mean devices!).


Android Locator

OurPact’s Android Locator allows you to find your children’s Android devices in seconds. It’s as simple as opening your parent app and checking your child’s profile. Save time at pickup, keep your children safe, and streamline communication with OurPact’s Family Locator.


*Premium feature