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Melissa Merrill is a 6-year client of OurPact and she credits the app for helping her catch and stop a sextortion scheme that was being perpetrated on her 14-year-old son. We thank her for her candor and sharing her story with other parents in the hopes of keeping their kids safe online as well.

Melissa Merrill’s Story

Welcome to the referral page for Melissa Merrill, a long-time client and user of the OurPact parental control and family locator app. This ground-breaking app helped Melissa uncover a potentially damaging sextortion scam with her 14-year-old son before it got too far. Her experience serves as a constant reminder that now more than ever, children of all ages are susceptible to online predators.

OurPact was built to help keep children safe in today’s online driven world. We appreciate Melissa sharing her personal story with us and are proud to offer all referrals from her a very special discount of 10% off our Premium Plus subscription. This is our premier level of service that includes our proprietary View feature which allows parents to receive periodic and/or on demand screen shots of children’s devices for consistent monitoring and protection.

Gain peace of mind knowing you have visibility into your child’s online activity. Three separate views are available offering you the flexibility to best meet your needs.

View Gallery allows for screenshots to be saved in your private gallery for up to two weeks to monitor on-going usage.

Periodic Views allows you to receive on-going automated screenshots for consistent monitoring.

View-On-Demand provides instant screenshots into your child’s device, for ad hoc monitoring.

We take your child’s privacy very seriously and ensure each screen shot is highly encrypted with maximum security whereby only the parent may view their child’s screen shots. OurPact does not save subscriber’s profiles or device uses, nor do we save your data and sell to third parties.

Listen to the Come Home to Peace Podcast Episode with OurPact Client Melissa Merrill and See How the App Helped Her Stop a Sextortion Scam with her 14-Year-Old Son.

Episode 43: Interview with Melissa Merill: Protect Your Teen from Sextortion

Melissa Merrill shares her personal experience with sextortion, an increasingly common online predatory method. Listen to learn how you can protect your home and family from sextortionists.

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