The #1 Parental Control and Family Locator App

OurPact is the most comprehensive parental control app & family locator, and is perfect for families of any size.

Why Drew Brees Loves OurPact

Keep Your Kids Safe Online

OurPact’s mission is to help you keep your kids safe online. This cross-platform app not only puts you in control of how much time your kids can spend online, but just as importantly, what type of content and apps they can utilize.

From text messages and app blocking, to website filtering and locator abilities, you now have a wide range of online management supervisory tools to keep your children safe not only from intrusive and harmful content, but growing number of online predators who are preying on children on a daily basis.

It all adds up to make OurPact the #1 App to help you protect your kids from the ever-growing online threats.

We developed OurPact to provide parents with the ability to protect their kids and keep them focused on what matters most: family, outdoor activities, social interaction and scholastic endeavors.

— Amir Moussavian, CEO

Schedule Screen Time

Set and forget! Limit app access automatically for recurring activities like school or bedtime.

Used Daily by

Millions of Families

Manual Block & Grant

Block or grant access to internet and apps on your child’s device at any time, from anywhere.

OurPact Trusted Everywhere

Cross-Platform Parental Control for iOS and Android Devices

OurPact’s parental control and family locator was designed with the busy family in mind. Our parental control app and family locator work cross-platform for iOS and Android parent and child devices, on WiFi and cellular networks.

No matter where life takes you – and what devices you and your children have along for the ride – we’ll be by your side.

Premium Features

Manage Up to 20 Devices

More than one device to manage? No problem. Customize separate management preferences for different children, or ensure multiple devices owned by a single child are controlled in harmony. It’s the easiest way to manage the entire family.

App Rules

OurPact’s App Rules let you keep tabs on all apps installed on your child’s device. Block specific apps or set different management rules for educational apps, versus distracting social media. After all, not all apps are made equal!

Always Blocked

Per Schedule

Always Allowed

Screen Time Allowance

Allowance doesn’t need to come out of your pocket! Encourage responsibility by having your children budget screen time allowances throughout the day, independently.

In Use



Family Locator

Family locator helps you keep tabs on your child’s location, find a lost device, or coordinate a pickup. Create geofences around specific locations to receive instant alerts when your kids arrive at or leave any location: school, home, or even Grandma’s.

Block Texting

Limit iMessage and SMS access through schedules, allowances, or manual blocks to ensure texting doesn’t cause distractions during homework time or family meals.

Web Filter

Filter adult sexual content on all browsers installed on iOS and Android child devices, for peace of mind where you need it most.


OurPact’s View gives visibility into your child’s online activity via automated periodic, on-demand or a private gallery screenshots, all encrypted for maximum safety.

Choose the Plan That’s Right for Your Family:

  • Manage One device
  • 5 Manual Blocks
  • Unlimited Grants




(12 months at $5.83/mo.)

  • Unlimited Schedules
  • Screen Time Allowance
  • Unlimited Blocks & Grants
  • App Rules
  • App Alerts
  • Family Locator
  • Block & Allow Websites
  • Block Texting
  • Manage up to 20 devices





(12 months at $8.33/mo.)

  • Periodic Screenshot View
  • View on Demand
  • View Gallery
  • View Categories
  • Unlimited Schedules
  • Screen Time Allowance
  • Unlimited Blocks & Grants
  • App Rules
  • App Alerts
  • Family Locator
  • Block & Allow Websites
  • Block Texting
  • Manage up to 20 devices