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OurPact’s family locator lets parents quickly locate family members and devices to receive instant location alerts. Family Locator by OurPact is the solution your family has been waiting for.

OurPact Family Locator

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s nothing more important than the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your kids or family members are. Whether you’re at work, at home or on the go, OurPact’s best-in-class family locator allows you to see where your children are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That kind of reliable peace of mind is priceless.


• Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking is built in to this cross-platform app which allows parents to get real time updates to the precise location of their family members directly from their phone. It’s the ultimate family locator that works around the clock to help you know where your kids are when you need to most.

• Geofence Locations of Interest

Users can create small, highly accurate digital fences or “geofences” around any locations of interest such as schools, your home as well as the homes of friends, malls or sports parks to know precisely when their kids arrive and leave each location. When a family member enters or exits any saved geofence, OurPact sends an automatic notification to the parent’s device with a precise time stamp.

Want to know if your child got to school safely? How long were they at the mall? What time they left soccer practice? Well with geofences, you will always know exactly when they arrived and left any number of locations that your kids regularly visit. You can even geofence inappropriate locations as well so you know if they’re at a place that you’ve deemed off limits. 

• Breadcrumb Location History Trail

Location history is another essential feature of the family locator tool. Parents can go back up to 30 days and gain valuable insight into the exact location history of where their kids were on any given day and the exact route they took to get there. It’s like having a permanent breadcrumb trail to mark their routes that you can see from your phone 24/7. With the family locator tool, you never have to wonder about where you kids have been, how far from home are they, or how long they stayed at a certain location.

If keeping track of your kids feels like a full-time job, than OurPact’s Family Locator tool is the solution your family has been waiting for.

How It Works

Peace of Mind

OurPact’s Family Locator brings an end to:

  • Back-and-forth texts and calls coordinating pickups
  • Worrying about your children’s safety and whereabouts
  • Frantic searches for lost devices (usually shoved under a sofa pillow!)
  • Nagging your children to see if they’ve arrived safely at their destination

Where to Start

We recommend creating geofence “Places” for home, your child’s school, family and friend’s houses, and any other location your child spends time frequently. We’ll take it from there.

Apple Parental Controls

OurPact’s parental control screen time monitoring app & family locator can be accessed from any shared family Apple device.

Android Parental Controls

OurPact for Android works with any Android smartphone or tablet.

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