The Dark Side of Data Brokers and What It Means for Your Family

Apr 18, 2022 | Education, Parenting

OurPact Keeps Your Kids Safe Online

The OurPact screen control app NEVER shares your child’s identity, location or data with any outside apps or data brokers.

Author: Bob Shade

It’s no secret that in today’s digital-driven world your personal data is being bought and sold on a regular basis. In fact, 60% of adults say they do not think it’s possible to go through daily life without having data collected about them by companies or governments. But collecting data and then selling it to third parties without consumers’ consent is where the problems really begin. This is the dark side of data brokers, and it is one of the fastest growing threats for your entire family.

Family protection apps like Life360, whose app lets family members share their location with one another, have sold data from millions of families that trust their service. Even worse, they’ve done very little to protect their clients’ identities while they continue to profit from it. In 2020 alone, nearly 20 percent of Life360’s annual revenue came from selling data according to a report by The Markup, a leading Big Tech watchdog group. The reality is that location data from your phone is a multibillion-dollar industry, and its primary mission is monetizing people’s movements.

So how do you protect your family online from Data Brokers?

It starts by using professional apps like OurPact that do not sell your or your children’s data. OurPact was developed by Eturi Corp. and one of its founding principles is the company’s unwavering respect for our clients’ privacy and data. Indeed, OurPact is trusted and used to protect millions of families every single day not only because of our first-class features including family location services, but because of our steadfast commitment to never selling the data that is collected by our app. Like the pact that we recommend parents make with their own children about healthy screen time habits, we also have a company-wide agreement with our clients to protect their families from nefarious data brokers, collectors, aggregators, and location intelligence firms alike.

Data broker spending on lobbying in 2020 rivaled that of other tech giants like Facebook and Google.

These third-party data collectors build highly detailed profiles on everything from who you are,where you are, and what you are most likely to do or buy. And in the case of family apps like Life360, these include profiles of your children. You can’t edit these profiles and everyone from companies, government agencies, reporters and even criminals can buy this information. In fact, Data Broker spending on lobbying in 2020 rivaled that of other tech giants like Facebook and Google.

OurPact is one of the ultimate tools in a parenting today

While data brokers and companies who sell their clients’ data represent the dark side of data mining, the bottom line is that data in and of itself is not a bad thing. Indeed, when used properly and ethically in privacy driven apps like OurPact, it can help you keep track of your children from the convenience of your cell phone, guard against cyber-bullying and truly help parents instill healthy online habits for their children. That’s what makes OurPact one of the ultimate tools in a parenting today. To find out more about OurPact, its best-in-class features and its game-changing family location services, visit today.

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