Hero – The Super App for Super Parents

Dec 13, 2022 | Parenting

Hero App

Hero is a new app that keeps you on top of everything with your partner.

As the first super app for parents, Hero saves you energy by making it easy to manage and share events, to-do’s, and lists from one place, with your partner.

“Shouldn’t parents have a more powerful app than everyone else?”
Today, parents use the same things to stay on top of their days as everyone else: calendars, to-do lists, texting, whiteboards, planners, and more. Yet parents aren’t everyone else – juggling multiple priorities, across multiple people, and coordinating frequently with each other throughout the day. This inspired the team at Hero to create a better way for parents to be on top of their day with each other.

Why Hero? Save Time From Having to Check Multiple Apps
Hero brings your full day into one place. Instead of things slipping through the cracks across different apps, Hero shows your full day of events (work and personal), to-do’s, and lists side by side. Your reminders even appear automatically in your calendar!

And Stay in Sync with Your Partner
With Partner Mode, Hero also makes it easy for you and your partner to see when each other are busy. 

You can even share lists in real-time and send reminders directly to your partner just by saying “remind us to…”, so you never forget a thing. And when things get accomplished, you can share the love by sending your partner a “❤️” – a nice reminder that you are on the same team.

If interested in trying Hero, you can sign up for access on the Hero website. It is starting on iOS, and will expand to Android in the future.


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