New Research Reveals the Frightening Impact Smartphones are Having on the Lives of Teenagers

Nov 8, 2023 | Mental Health, Parenting

New Research Reveals the Frightening Impact Smartphones are Having on the Lives of Teenagers

Are you concerned about the impact smartphones are having on your teenager’s life? You’re not alone. Common Sense Media’s recent research study “Constant Companion” sheds light on the way teens are using their phones, and the findings are both fascinating and alarming. But the good news is that there’s a solution, and it’s OurPact, the #1 parental control app that is designed to keep your kids safe online.

The study revealed that teens spend an average of 4.5 hours per day on their phones, and some go as far as spending over 16 hours a day glued to their screens. Astonishingly, the research showed that teens receive an average of 237 notifications a day and pick up their phones an average of 51 times a day. The constant barrage of notifications, particularly from social media apps like TikTok, is overwhelming and generates a persistent “background buzz” that distracts teens from school (yes, kids admit to using their phones during class), homework, chores, and other important activities that are crucial for their cognitive development.*

What’s also concerning is that over half of teens use their phones overnight on school nights, affecting their sleep and overall well-being. Two-thirds of teens said they struggle to manage their phone use, leading to lost sleep and problems disengaging.* This is a major problem because it causes lasting effects on both their physical and mental health.

This is where OurPact steps in to help families combat these issues. OurPact’s market-leading features, including screen time schedules, screen time allowance, GPS family locator, app blocker, and View feature, provide parents with the tools they need to keep their kids safe online and regain control over their teenager’s smartphone use while fostering healthier digital habits.

With OurPact, parents can:

  • Set Screen Time Schedules: Establish schedules for specific activities like school, bedtime, and family time, ensuring that only approved apps are available during each period.
  • Schedule Screen Time Allowance: Allocate screen time allowances for each day of the week and easily block your teen’s device for customizable time intervals, allowing you to help them stay focused when needed.
  • GPS Family Locator: Stay informed about your child’s whereabouts by setting up geofences around important locations like school and home. Receive alerts when they arrive or leave, and even track their daily routes.
  • App Blocker: Keep a watchful eye on new app downloads and set rules for each app. You can block apps you find inappropriate or distracting and only allow access during scheduled times, all to keep your kids safe online.
  • View: Gain insight into your teen’s screen time by capturing on-demand or periodic screenshots of their device. The View feature identifies and flags screenshots containing specific keywords, allowing you to stay informed about their online activities while ensuring you keep your kids safe online.

In addition to these features, OurPact also provides web filters to block adult content and additional settings for comprehensive device management. Best of all, you can explore all these incredible features with a 14-day free trial of Premium+.

If you’re concerned about your teenager’s excessive smartphone usage, take initiative by helping them build healthier digital habits with the OurPact app. Sign up today and experience the positive change it can bring to your family’s life! Keep your kids safe online with OurPact because their safety and well-being are our utmost priority.


*Common Sense Media, & C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital Michigan Medicine. (n.d.). 2023 Common Sense Media. Constant Companion: A Week in the Life of a Young Person’s Smartphone Use.
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