What is OurPact and How Did It Become the Premier Screen Control App for Parents Worldwide?

Apr 1, 2022 | Android, Apple, Education, Parenting

Author: Bob Shade

OurPact is a mobile parenting app that gives parents total control to manage app access, monitor location & device usage, and filter web content on children’s iOS and Android devices. 

Eturi Corp. has revolutionized how parents can influence how their children engage with the online world around them with its flagship product OurPact. This game-changing parental control app was launched in 2013. This cross-platform app (iOS and Android) not only puts parents in control of how much time their kids spend online, but just as importantly, what type of content and apps they are allowed to utilize. From text messages and app blocking to website filtering and locator abilities, parents now have a wide range of online management and supervisory tools to keep their children safe from unwanted, unsolicited and intrusive or even harmful content. To date, this first-to-market technology is used by millions of families worldwide and is recognized as the leading mobile device management tool on the market, especially in the iOS space.

Developing Healthy Relationships with Technology

“We developed OurPact to provide parents with the ability to not only protect their kids, but to keep them focused on what matters most: family, outdoor activities, social interaction and scholastic endeavors,” says Moussavian. “We’re proud that millions of families rely on OurPact on a daily basis.” By monitoring and limiting their screen time, parents are not only instilling children with their family’s values and priorities, but they’re helping them develop a healthy relationship with technology instead of allowing technology to be the driving influence in their lives.

The Perfect Solution for Parents

As technology continues to grow, expand, and further imbed itself in our culture as well as the lives of our children, parenting has never been more challenging. From social media to gaming to online apps such as TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram to round-the-clock texting, teens and even young children are using digital devices literally anytime and anywhere. As a result, OurPact is the perfect solution for parents who want to protect their kids and keep them safe in today’s technology-driven world. In fact, OurPact not only can remove apps from devices, but it can take screen shots during in-app use to give parents a clear view into the content their kids are engaging in.

Using OurPact You Can:

  • Manage screen time through the day with automated block Schedules like School or Bedtime.
  • Set app access preferences, to distinguish between distracting games and educational apps, with App Rules.
  • Prevent device distraction on-demand, for defined periods of time, with Manual Blocks.
  • Reward good behavior with additional screen time, using Manual Grants.
  • Quickly locate your children and coordinate pickups with Family Locator.
  • Receive alerts when your kids arrive at or leave specified locations with Places.
  • Block adult content with Web Filter for complete peace of mind.
  • Encourage healthy, independent device habits with Screen Time Allowance.
  • Identify concerning online activities by taking remote screenshots with View.

Learn more about our features and subscription tiers here.

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