Why All Parental Control Apps Aren’t Created Equal

Aug 7, 2023 | Cyberbullying, Education, Keep Your Kids Safe Online, Parenting, Social Media

The OurPact App offers parents the comfort and security of tamper proofing. So when they block and app, it stays blocked.


SAN DIEGO, CA. — August 7, 2023  Author: Bob Shade

In the last decade, parental control apps have become an essential parenting tool for concerned moms and dads who want to limit their kids’ exposure to online dangers and the many health risks associated with harmful social media apps. Parents want to instill a balanced life for their kids between online and offline activities and parental control apps are the most effective tools to help them accomplish this. Indeed, there are a growing number of options out there on the market ranging from free offerings to monthly subscription services to built-in phone features. Unfortunately, many parents are finding that these apps and products simply aren’t working like they thought they would, and their kids are continuing to get access to the very apps they were trying to shield them from.

Kids Are Outwitting the Tech Skills of Parents

So how can apps or phones specifically designed to solve the pervasive problems of screen time and app blocking not actually deliver on their promise to parents? Well, there’s no simple answer. No matter what many parental control app companies do, kids are devising ways to outwit the tech skills of their parents.

These include everything from basic passcode spying to secretly turning on a screen recorder before asking their parents to tap in a security code, to more extreme solutions like doing a factory reset on their devices which clears previously established Screen Time settings. Some kids even create a brand-new Apple id as a work around to download apps such as TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram that their parents had previously blocked. And even when tech-savvy kids aren’t finding alternative ways to get access to these apps, some products simply aren’t working as they were built to. Many of the free services simply have bugs, security loopholes and screen-time scheduling failures that are either too hard to fix or even harder to spot because kids simply won’t admit it to their parents that they still have access when they know they shouldn’t.

Most Parental Control Apps Don’t Have Proper Safeguards

The reality is that not all Parental Control Apps are created equal. The free and built-in phone services don’t go far enough to truly protect kids from online dangers, and they have proven security and functionality issues. Most of the paid services weren’t built with the proper safeguards in place to eliminate kids from finding work arounds. Even worse, many still either sell user data or don’t have the security features in place to keep user data secure. But that’s what sets OurPact apart. As one of the original parental control apps on the market, the creators of the app have spent over a decade honing their best-in-class features and services to provide parents with the ultimate app to keep their kids safe online and to secure families’ data and privacy concerns.

OurPact Offers Tamper Proofing Protection 24/7

Ourpact has a custom, built-in tamper proofing feature that begins as soon as you pair your child’s device. Once paired, your child will not be able to remove the parental controls from their device. This means when you block apps on your child’s device, they stay blocked until you unblock them. This is a proprietary feature that only OurPact can provide, and it gives parents peace of mind knowing that once they install it, this service will work the way it was designed to work by protecting their kids 24/7/365.

Gain Transparency and Visibility into Your Children’s Online Activity

In addition to tamper proofing, OurPact also offers a unique screen capture feature called View. This exclusive feature gives parents transparency and visibility into their children’s online activity via automated, periodic or on demand screenshots of the children’s devices that are encrypted for maximum safety and security. View allows parents to spot troubling or even dangerous behavior before it’s too late. It’s one of the most important features that make the OurPact app a truly invaluable resource for parents who want to keep their kids safe from the growing threats of cyberbullying, sexual predators, substance abuse, profanity, and more.

Superior Live GPS Family Locator Tools

Another key differentiator is that OurPact also offers parents a superior live GPS tracking feature that provides them with real time updates to the precise location of their family members. Users can create smaller, even more accurate geofences around any locations of interest such as schools, friends’ houses, and the family home so they can know precisely when their kids arrive and leave those locations. There’s also a built-in location history tool that allows parents to see a historical breadcrumb trail of the exact routes and stops of their children over the course of a selected period of time. So, it eliminates the guesswork of relying on communicating with kids and hoping that they’re telling you the truth about where they’ve been. Now parents can know where they’ve been before they even get home. It’s just one more safety feature that families can count on day in and day out with OurPact.

Discover The Ultimate Parental Control App

So, when it comes to protecting your kids online, remember that not all parental control apps are created equal. The unique combination of security, data protection, transparency, location tracking and reliability all add up to make OurPact the ultimate parental control app for parents today.

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